Initially in 2015, OICS supported exploration drilling for this Basin and as part of this we established strong logistics and local supply networks. In 2016 we worked with the project team for Origin Energy’s plan to develop the Beetaloo Basin into a world class gas producing Asset that could produce enough gas to power Australia for the next 200 years.

OICS was engaged to provide management support in planning the services and accommodation but also manages the water, waste and other non-drilling related services.

OICS and it’s partners provided a full stand-alone 64 bed turn-key package on the location 400km South of Darwin. We guaranteed the camp was fully season proofed and delivered with minimal environmental impact.

Most importantly OICS has taken the lead on indigenous and local engagement with this project and our supply chain and is very proud of the results we have achieved in this project. During the FY19/20 campaign OICS employed 10% of Origin’s entire indigenous workforce on this project, a number we aim to exceed in FY20/21.