In March 2020 Australia went into lock-down due to the Covid-19 pandemic with massive disruption to everyone’s day to day lives and all non-essential services being locked down. The mining and resources industries being classed as essential services were deemed to be exempt. On March 11th, the management team at Village National were notified of our first suspected case of Covid-19 at one of our sites and immediately our pandemic response was activated. Our 5 step plan was articulated to our clients and using our management team’s experience in infection control procedures we immediately set about implementing this plan. Thankfully the suspected case was only that. Importantly during our response we maintained the dignity of our customers and a fair balance between risk mitigation of the virus. We drew on Qld Health experts and refined our service delivery almost daily based on their advice to find this balance. As most mining services companies did, we closed down dining room seating, we removed self-service, and we limited the number of customers in a space at any one time. But most importantly in light of preserving our customers dignity we assessed the risk and kept serving food on plates (most of the industry went straight to plastic tubs), we allowed guests to be seated outside (whilst observing social distancing) and we increased our level of cleaning without being invasive to our customer’s personal space (cleaning out of hours or during shift changes wherever possible). The feedback from our customers has been exceptional. We are proud of our response to date and we hope the world can return to the old ‘normal’ as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will guarantee our customers are treated with dignity whilst being absolutely as safe as they can in this time.