In 2017 O&G Co. worked with OICS to develop a game changing hybrid accommodation model that truly provided efficiency in the field.

Using O&G Co’s existing large fixed camp assets OICS was able to use these as a staging point hub and when operations moved away from that hub OICS immediately moved a mobile camp into place. Importantly as the crew moved out of the fixed camp to a mobile camp the OICS staff moved with them.

This system of service delivery whilst being much more cost efficient also had a number of other benefits. The crews told of the great benefits to safety by keeping the whole team together (including the OICS crew) and the improvement in morale was tangible.

After trialling this with O&G Co we have rolled this out across a number of clients with a number of locations, every time it has worked seamlessly.

It’s another example of OICS thinking innovatively to solve our customers challenges.